Saab Interior Sanctuary

9-3 Sanctuary 1SvsS Sanctuary 2 SvsS Sanctuary 3 SvsS Sanctuary 4 SvsS Sanctuary 5 SvsS Sanctuary 6 SvsS Sanctuary

It’s been a hectic few months and SvsS has suffered, I try and get time to write posts, but always seem to have other things that need doing first.

Amidst all of the madness though, I can relax and prepare for the day ahead, or calm down after a hard days work in the interior of my 9-3. It’s an oasis of quality, style and comfort and feels like my own personal sanctuary, a place to regenerate.

My Hirsch 9-3 has covered 26,000 miles now, and still feels exceptionally luxurious, the soft leather seats are supremely comfortable and the Hirsch fittings really make this an interior not to be taken for granted, it deserves to be enjoyed, relaxed in and admired.

The longer the journey, the more relaxed I feel – I arrive a little less stressed. Thank Saab for my own personal sanctuary.


5 thoughts on “Saab Interior Sanctuary

  1. I wish I could justify the Hirsch gear cover. it looks sooo much better then the standard silver effort.

    • Got to say, the difference is quite staggering with it fitted, our SportCombi has the standard, brushed aluminium plastic which is ok, but just doesn’t shout Saab quality to me.

      Going forward, I’m really hoping NEVS will put an emphasis on exceptional quality interiors again, Saabs really desrve it.

  2. Really nice, I’ve just ordered the door handles, handbrake and smart slot in leather from Germany as the hirsch kits are really hard to find. Been looking for alloys the same as yours too.

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