Saab Science

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We’ve been to the Science Museum in London many times, and each time the first thing I head for is the entire wall stacked with beautifully simple, primary coloured cars. I can only really tell you what 2 of the marques are though, one is an early VW Beetle, and the other is a stunningly elegant Saab 93 (not a 96 as I’d mistakenly put – thanks UKSaabs).

I can’t really tell you what the display represents either, but the Saab 93 catches my eye every single time – the pale duck egg blue paintwork, chrome hub covers and original SAAB mud flaps, but above all, I  stand and admire its form, the flowing, curvaceous profile the elegant windows, the grille.

Whatever the Saab is there for, it truly deserves its pride of place on the wall of one of the finest Science Museums in the world, and if you’re ever in the area, pop in and admire it, if only for a few moments, inspiration, Saab style.


3 thoughts on “Saab Science

  1. What an interesting thing to view. I will be sharing this with my son (a VW fan) and his friend (a SAAB fan). Well posted!

  2. Just as a point of interest, it’s a SAAB 93B, the 93 being the model before the 96.
    Very similar bodywork, but about three years earlier than the 96.

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