What do 161,000 miles look like in a Saab?

SvsS_Saab 9-3 MilageSvsS_Saab 9-3 Interior SideSvsS_Saab 9-3 Interior From FrontSvsS_Saab 9-3 Interior DetailSvsS_Saab 9-3 Door PanelSvsS_Saab 9-3 GearsSvsS_Saab Signs of wear

When I tell people the mileage on our SportCombi, I usually get asked the same questions – how does it drive, and how does it look and feel?

The first is easy, it drives beautifully and without fault, everything works superbly, it feels tight, the gear change is reassuringly smooth and it really is a pleasure to drive.

So, how does it look and feel?

161,000 miles isn’t a huge amount for a Saab; the members of the High Mile Club prove this, but generally, all but the best marques have a tendency to show their miles rather unflatteringly. Obviously Saabs aren’t impermeable to wear and tear, however, with a little care, their design and build quality really do hold up superbly.

I treated our 2007 TiD SportCombi to a well deserved interior valet today, and as I stood back and admired my labour, I was seriously impressed with how it’s standing up to the daily family abuse and mileage we throw at it.

I thought I’d share a few photos just to show why I’m impressed. The cream leather of the sports seats is aging well, the drivers seat is worn slightly, (I’ve seen far worse on a car with 16,000), the glove box button is losing its rubber coating, the aluminium gear knob insert is slightly worn, and a small thread is coming loose on the steering wheel stitching.

None of us really know how long a car will last, how long is will remain reliable, but I can’t see any reason why it won’t stay like this for another few hundred thousand miles. If we did change, it would only be replaced with another Saab SpotCombi with a few less miles, so for now, I’ll continue to enjoy watching the miles go by in superb comfort.

SvsS_Saab 9-3 Exterior Full Side


2 thoughts on “What do 161,000 miles look like in a Saab?

  1. My pride of the road has 78xxx and will be 10 years old next month. I completely agree with the “you never know” thought. If I’m ever made to replace i will upgrade only in horsepower. Drive on…

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