SvsS_Saab 95 SportCombi being Scrapped

In·san·i·ty Unsoundness of mind, extreme foolishness; folly. Something that is extremely foolish. Synonyms: Lunacy, Madness.

It’s not often I reblog other articles, but over on SaabsUnited, I spotted one that has really pissed off a lot of people – including me, so I had to mention it.

It seems a number of extremely rare Saabs which are hugely precious to our community are currently being scrapped, mainly ng 95 saloons but also a stunning SportCombi (photo above taken by Peter Schough). Tim at SaabsUnited is making an immediate plea to NEVS to reverse this scrapping order but we await a response.

Obviously none us know the reasons for this (what seems like) insanity, but I really can’t imagine why, at least a few can’t be saved for the Saab Museum, surely this is a piece of our modern Saab heritage, even if they had to remove specific or secret components first.

Apparently, they can’t even be stripped down so that current ng 95 owners could benefit, I have to say, it all seems completely insane. I won’t even mention the scrapping of some Phoenix platform cars, I don’t have any words that could express my feelings (not that can be publish at least).

Pop over to SaabsUnited to read the full article and show your support, I’m really hoping Tim has some success with NEVS, after all, this is now part of their heritage too – I’d be disappointed if they didn’t see the benefit in rescuing a few of these valuable Saabs.


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