Saab Kerb Appeal

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Why do Saabs stand out from the crowd? Is it because they’re so individual, is it because they’re not like other cars, or is it just because I look out for them?

It may be all of the above, but to me they have huge kerb appeal, they make me stop and stare, I enjoy looking at them.

The 9-3 may be over 10 years old, but no matter what angle you look at it from, it really is gorgeously designed and timeless. It all feels just so Saab, understated with a touch of aggressiveness, distinctive side profile with headlights flowing through to the sides, the sleek line of the bonnet…

I often wonder what I’ll do when the time comes to replace my 9-3, what would I choose? after all, none of us know what the owners of Saab will offer us, or even if they’ll be available here in the UK.

As I watch other cars flash past, I realise there still aren’t many I’d choose over a Saab though, new or old.

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13 thoughts on “Saab Kerb Appeal

  1. I’m sure there are many others that would agree….. That your Saab must be among the most attractive in the world to look at. From colour choice to styling upgrades, your car checks all the boxes on the fantasy check list.

    When my lottery ticket comes in, I’ll be looking to replicate your stunning car…. But perhaps a 2.8T on the spec sheet.

    • Such a nice comment, thank you, I’d go for the 2.8T too if I didn’t have to worry about fuel costs. Saying that, the TTiD with the Hirsch upgrade still makes me smile every time I drive it.

  2. To many Saab traditionalists a 9-3 doesn’t stand out of the crowd. A 99 or classic 900 does. So to answer your initial question, it’s a combination of the design itself, your personal perception and the community you are in. And than the ability to recognise them even when you spot a Saab for a fraction of second.

    The choice of another brand worries many. If you tasted and love the minimalism of Philip Glass, it is very hard to switch over to Radiohead, even when it has quality, message, style, intellect etc. You have to “recode” yourself. A huge task within the recent offerings. I’ve got a new company Volvo. I like it, but it’s far from object of desire. Though it was once…

    • Saab 99s and 900 do stand out, they’re obvious classics now, but when I look at a sea of new prestige cars, many still don’t have the individuality a Saab does, they’re all so similar in design – choose one, choose any.

      From my past track record, I’m far from adverse to change, and as much as I love BMW’s, I don’t think the new designs are as pleasing as some of their predecessors (with the exception of the 6 series). Personally, I’m waiting to see what Alfa Romeo brings out next, and I can’t help hoping NEVS brings something new to the table too, but they may not even be available in the UK.

      Whatever happens, I’ll be looking to keep my 9-3, even if it becomes our second car in the future.

      Nice analogy with the music, but if you already listen to Philip Glass AND Radiohead there’s no need to recode, just a need for something to come along that pleases me visually more than the Saab 🙂

  3. Your TTiD is indeed gorgeous! I so wish they were available here in the states, I know many people who share my sentiments.

    I’m curious, how is your fuel economy per gallon?

    • I currently get around 44 – 46mpg, which is between 550 and 600 miles per tank. If I drive really nicely on a long journey, it can reach the low 50’s, but I haven’t had the will power to keep it that high – my wife seems to get far better mpg in our SportCombi, but it’s a Saab, they need to be enjoyed 🙂

  4. This is soooo true! What other car could I choose to replace my own 9-3? I have looked carefuly and the answer is difficult: I have to move to an upper category like Jaguar. I simply feel like an orphean when I try to find a car and a brand that could help me to forget a bit my Saab one day. Still not ready to change.. :-/

    • Actually, I like the way Jaguars are going too, the XJ and F Type are great, but not sure about the XF.

      I can’t help feeling everything’s so similar though, I love the individuality Saabs inspire both in look and ownership, not many other brands offer that.

      Luckily, I have no reason to change yet, so I’ll panic when the time comes, I’m also a fan of high milers, so options wide open.

      • I’m still lost on replacing my aero in a few years…nothing seems quite as special as this mainstream vehicle…

        At the moment my thoughts revolve around the new Alfa guilla when it appears or should I go mad and keep the Saab but buy a older but now more affordable sports car such as a maserati gransport or ghibli?

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