Saab. Born from Jets

SvsS_Gripen E ArticleSvsS_Saab Gripen InteriorSvsS_Saab 9-3 Interior

A cliché maybe, but one that provides Saab with a unique and undeniable provenance. I’ve always appreciated the ‘Born from Jets’ analogy, but until recently, never really thought much about it.

The forefathers at Saab designed and built truly superb aviation craft, indeed, they still do. I came across a spectacular article in Port magazine recently, it showcased the incredible new generation Saab Gripen E, a single seated, multi-role fighter jet employed by a host of countries including Thailand, South Africa and of course Sweden.

The cockpit in my Saab 9-3 may not resemble the cockpit in the Saab Gripen, but I still love the fact that it bears the same marque, to me it reflects a shared heritage full of innovation and pride.

I wonder if the Saab Gripen has the beautifully crafted Night Panel like my 9-3?

Saab Gripen E Article_Port Magazine


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