There’s an Elephant sitting my Saab and his name is Sat Nav

SvsS_An Elephant called Sat Nav

He’s been there ever since I drove my gorgeous 9-3 out of the Saab showroom. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown to love him, he helps me find my way to places I’d never get to without him. He helps us navigate endless Cornish country lanes no wider than the car, he’s even helped guide us safely through the centre of London.

My issue (and I don’t like to talk about it) is that he’s rather old, sometimes I find myself driving through the centre of a field when I know damn well I’m actually driving on a road, or through a forest just as I’m overtaking another non Saab, the fact is, he doesn’t always know the latest roads, he desperately needs a new lease of life, an upgrade.

Alas, the elephant is still sitting there, as much as I like him, I need him gone, Sat Nav needs an upgrade and I don’t know how to get it.

In simple terms, my navigation disc is now 2 years old, entire road systems have been built, one way roads have been switched around and dead end roads seem to be popping up everywhere, what do I do? The Saab Sat Nav is fantastic, but as far as I’m aware, no update discs have been made available to owners. I really don’t want to replace the entire system, but will I have too?

Surely the manufactures of the system are supplying owners of other marques using the same system with upgrades. Has anyone else managed to get rid of their elephant in their Saab or at least found a simple update?

I’d be grateful for any advice, my Saab is getting a little cramped with the elephant in there too.


35 thoughts on “There’s an Elephant sitting my Saab and his name is Sat Nav

    • Unfortunately, I was looking to get hold of a 2013 version, mine is only a year old than the one listed here. Entire road systems seem to have been added here in the UK in last few years 😦

  1. I had the same problem, but, luckily, one of my fellow saab driver found a man who is capable to create new map disks. They now update maps on regular basis, and sell those simple nonamed CD-R’s is Russian Saab Club. It is probably illigal from GM point of view, but still better than nothing 🙂

    • Yes, that’s what I’m looking for, someone that has the knowledge to kick out the latest information for people wanting to keep their Saab sat navs bang up to date.

      Does the man ship to the UK 🙂 Thanks for the info Andrey

      • I’ll ask him, and post the result. It is only possible if he has the latest UK maps and if it is going to result in some profit, I guess.

      • Hi, I have the same wish. Please post if 2013 Maps are available for Denmark / europe

  2. Hi. Was wondering if anyone was able to get there hands on the new Disc? I have just purchased a 2010 Saab 9 3 with Sat Nav and was hoping to update it… Thank you

    • Wow, long delay in answering this one, sorry, unfortunately not, since my initial post, my UK disc has given up the ghost completely, so really need to find a source for a new one which will hopefully be updated too. Any good ideas anyone?

  3. Hi. I am interested in information about where I can buy a 2011 dvd disc for Saab 9-3 for the western Europa (Norway included). Thanks to all who can give me such information.

    • Thanks for the link, unfortunately its the 2010 disc I’ve already got, in my optimism I thought a clever Saab fan would have come up with a 2013 / 14 update for them. Guessing not though.

      Thanks for your help

  4. I am looking for navigation disc for Western Europefor my Saab 9-3 2011 modell. The disc offered her is for 2006-models. Anyone who knows where I can buy Navigation Disc for my Saab ? My origianal has been damaged, so I need a New one.

  5. I got a mailshot maybe 18 months ago offering an upgrade to the whole entertainment system including the Sat Nav for the bargain fee of £1,000! Naturally I ignored it.

    On a related note – am I the only person annoyed by the lack of a postcode entry function?

    • I saw that, just didn’t want a 3rd party unit in what remains a nice stylish dash, especially with the Hirsch carbon fibre.

      I hated the lack of postcode at first, then realised by entering the full address I actually got the where I needed to be, not left at the end of a road with ‘you’ve reached your destination’ ringing in my ears 🙂

  6. Hmm just use common sense and read road signs for the new roads, Saab system is excellent for 99.9% of journeys, and I have had Sat Nav in Honda, Citroen, and Jaguar, all the systems are out of date when issued so don’t worry. Also, none paid for the licence for post code, so Saab is not alone.

  7. My 9-3 is a 2008 model with integrated sat nav but has been playing up recently. I get “disc check in progress”, a slow response, and “nav dvd read error”. Some days it still works ok, Does this mean the system is kaput or just the dvd?

    • I’d have said it was the unit a while ago, but it happened to my Hirsch 9-3 and is also currently happening with our 9-3x, really annoying, one day it’s fine, the next it comes up with the same message as yours. I believe it is the disk, as I’ve popped the European disc in and it seemed ok. I.d suggest trying to get hold of a new disc first. Let me know.

  8. As the DVDs are getting old now, I would suggest making a backup copy to be sure of continued use of the SatNav system. They are easily copied on a PC, but if the original is a bit flakey try using DVD Shrink and do a ‘reauthor’ copy. Worked for me.

  9. Hello everyone, just wondered if anyone had actually found an updated disc for the UK please – as you say surely someone is able to either do it or know which system (Chrysler or otherwise) still uses the same discs.



  10. mazda 6 uses the same kind of system so i was told yet another 9-3 owner with sat nav problems

  11. Anyone get any further on this? Anyone got any reports on the SatNavDVD discs? There seems to be a 2015-16 one available on their site… Many thanks!

      • Hello both, i know a man in Holland who has excellent copies – you get up to date mapping but limited verbal assistance – let me know if you would like contact details M

      • Don’t know if i can or should put his email address on here, so will put mine on instead – if you put Sat Nav Disc in the title then i will pass it on to Ruud in Holland and he will get in touch with you.


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