Mechanics and their Saabs

SvsS_Mechanics and their Saabs

My office happens to overlook a small collection of independent garages; diagnosis, clutches, brakes, MOTs, if it has 4, or 2 wheels for that matter, I’m sure they’d fix it.

Although the view changes on a daily basis, 2 Saabs appear to remain constant, owned by the mechanics, they’re immaculately cared for and undergo constant tweaking.

This was a particularly nice view this morning, both Saab convertibles together with the 1st generation one in readiness for some attention.

I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo and sharing it with everyone, after all, I imagine these cars will be around for a few generations of Saab lovers to come considering the amount of care they receive.


2 thoughts on “Mechanics and their Saabs

  1. Great picture! The Saabs look good indeed. Always nice to do some regular Saab spotting.

    • Yes, I’m constantly on the lookout, but most are captured on my iPhone so I don’t usually add them to the blog, photos aren’t good enough. I usually add them to Flickr @saabvs

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