Hirsch Exclusivity for 2014

Hirsch Steering WheelHirsch_Leather Handles CentreHirsch_Leather Handles DoorHirsch Boot SpoilerHirsch Alloys

Out of the hundreds of emails I received over the Christmas break, one made me a very happy man – the Hirsch Newsletter. It seems they’ll be starting a limited production of some of their amazing performance parts for the 9-3 in support of the 2014 9-3 Aero.

As I have plenty of these Hirsch parts myself, I can’t express the difference they make, the leather handles and sport steering wheels are simply stunning, beautifully crafted and give the interior a real sense of exclusivity. Whilst on the outside, the boot spoiler and Hirsch alloys really set your Saab apart – understated, yet with a touch of aggressiveness.

For Saabists like me, this is a real treat for the coming year, I just hope Hirsch can see the benefit and continue to grow their collection of Saab performance parts again.


9 thoughts on “Hirsch Exclusivity for 2014

  1. Great blog, thanks.
    Have you come across Hirsch’s special rear spoiler for the SportCombi? It apparently has a slot in it like the old 95 Estate to direct a little airflow to keep the window clean. Sounds great, but I’ve not seen examples or prices.

    BTW: I have a Blue with cream 9-3 SportCombi similar to yours (old front/new dash). I love it. Tripped past 133,000 miles t’other day, so hardly run-in!

    • Thanks for the comments, always great to know people are enjoying it. I’d considered the Hirsch spoiler a while ago, but only ever seen the one below. Be interested to know more, especially after such a dirty winter, even the dog can’t see out of the rear window.

      Be great to add your twin SportCombi to the High Mile Club, Although the higher ours get I realise 100,000 miles really isn’t anything for a Saab, our has 170,000 on no and loving every drive.

      Again, thanks for the great comments.

      9-3 Hirsch Spoiler

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