Bigger Saab

New year, new theme.

I’ve been wanting to refresh the blog for a while but didn’t want to make my older posts look terrible, this one seems to work well. Cleaner with larger images and type, I’ll be playing with the headers and customising it a bit, but what does anyone think, better or worse?


11 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. I really liked the previous version, however, the larger images will more than compensate.

  2. 🙂 nice. Some people have the same ideas but unfortunately zero time:)

    Let’s hope the new layout will bring even larger photos, because.your photos are awesome, one of the best around the saabinternets. The little menu in the mobile version is just great, simple and modern. Typography is great, except the font in the menu of the desktop version, which is not as clean and readable as the rest (1920 x 1200px here). Respect. And thank you for keeping the link.

    P.F. 2014

    • Hi Alex, I’ve just not had time to keep things up to date lately, so with a bit of down time over Christmas, I started to play. As always, thank you for your valued comments, I’ll be looking to refine type etc shortly too.

      Proud to link to you your blog, some seriously good Saab content.

      Speak soon Alex

  3. I’ve only just discovered your website. Its GOOD, pictures are wonderful quality!
    I’ll be back.

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