A Winter’s MPG Tale

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Back when I started this blog I made a real effort to monitor the real world mpg of my Saab 9-3 TTiD 200bhp. Over the course of a year it had highs and lows, never really moving from 40 – 43 mpg with regular daily driving, that’s around 550 miles from a full tank.

I can push it seriously hard one day and take it easy the next, sit at high speeds on the motorway or fly along country lanes, but the figures remain pretty constant. Over the past few months however, I’ve seen a real drop in these figures, down to 38 – 39 mpg, that’s between 450 – 500 miles per tank.

This is an mpg trend that’s happened for the third Winter running, here in the UK we don’t get harsh Winters, we may get snow or extreme weather for a few days but nothing for a prolonged period, so I wonder what changes?

If it’s abusing the Saab heated seats then I’m fully to blame, say no more.


3 thoughts on “A Winter’s MPG Tale

  1. I have noticed all the diesels I have had that during winter/colder weather the colder denser air really does affect the MPG

  2. Hi, I have a bog standard ttid, just shy of 70k miles. It had a full service Sept last year and did I notice the mpg plummet, from a high of 72.4 mpg (really) before service- to mid to high 40’s after, on checking with the garage on what oil they used (on the pretence of buying some for a top up) I was told they use a Mobil 10/60, I consider this to be too thick, and having had it changed (late January) back to 0/40 I’m back to the mid high 50’s, I don’t hang around! drive to the conditions and use the ‘bum’ warmers!! So try an oil change, it never gets cold enough in U.K. to winterise our cars completely. Hope this helps.

    • Hi A, wow now that is impressive, 72 mpg. Thank you for the tip, I’ll give my Saab garage a call and ask them what oil they used recently, if it has the potential to make this much difference it could be well worth a change.

      Thanks for your advice, wonderful

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