Inside Saab

Inside Saab_Full

Inside Saab_Badge Detail

Inside Saab_Handle Detail

I never tire of a Saab interior, always feels exceptionally timeless and just a great place to be. Whilst the weather is rather depressing, climb inside a Saab, pop the heated seats on and you’ll start to feel better.

Stuck in endless city traffic, no problem, just a little more time to admire the interior details and turn the stereo up a little louder.


2 thoughts on “Inside Saab

  1. I have to agree with you, inside the 93 is a nice place to be. I’ve certainly been abusing the heated seats this winter because they are so comfortable once warmed up. Cruising along in the TTID is effortless and so relaxing, plus it’s nice to have the extra power when needed.

    When I climb into my 93, in the words of Brian the robot “I’ve been pleasured” 🙂

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