Hoods Up

svss_900 Hood Up-Front sidesvss_900 Hood Up-Sidesvss_900 Hood Up-Rear

Not sure about anyone else, but I find it difficult to think of convertibles with their hoods up, after all we buy them for the freedom of open top driving – the hoods hidden away in clever automated compartments for the most part.

When you take time to look at some older convertibles with their hood up, most seem to be design afterthoughts with inferior dynamics, but Saab got it pretty nailed down. The 900 looks as gorgeous with the hood up as it does down, the lines flow seamlessly, the rear glass window doesn’t stick out and it forms a quiet, watertight interior for when the weather’s not so good.

Things have moved on in the seventeen years since this 900 first hit the road, but I’m not entirely sure how many other marques have got a convertible quite as spot on as Saab.

Fixes required:

Front and bumper to paint
Headlight wiper motor to replace


2 thoughts on “Hoods Up

  1. I had a year with convertible only. Most of the time with the hood down. It’s very easy to get used to it and after I used daily another car, it took a while to heal from “the little claustrophobia”.

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