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Can’t remember what I searched for, or even what I was looking for now, but I entered one of those rabbit warren moments and ended up discovering a great article over on, the topic – women and their cars.

Not sure how many women ever look at this blog, but for the most part, comments, cars and communications generally come from the men, which is a shame, women love their cars too.  My wife is a great example, she loves her Saab 9-3 SportCombi, so much so, she makes me swear that I’ll drive it nicely when I borrow it, she may not take photos or write about it, but she loves it all the same.

Anyway, back to the article, the subject was, “What cars have you had/driven and which was the best/worst?”. Plenty of marque variety, but some wonderful comments about their Saabs :

My first car was a very grown up Saab 900XS. Lovely, it was like driving a sofa!

I was the fondest of the Saab with its ski flap.

Saab 95 – very nice car

Saab 9-3 convertible with body kit and Honda v5 2.5L engine (one off demo)

Most fun to drive – Saab (shit off a shovel)

My favourite was a SAAB 9000 – fast, comfortable, had everything. I miss it still.

And the best one :

Best Car Ever is my Saab Turbo 93 – devastated the day Saab closed. My Dad had a Saab when I was younger and I loved it then so my ambition (car wise ) was to own a Saab. Fine day when I eventually picked my Saab up from the dealer. I intend to keep driving it till it falls apart.


8 thoughts on “SAAB WOMEN

  1. As a woman, and an owner of two Saabs, (Talladega Red 1992 “S” Cabrio, named Miss Scarlet, and a Fijord Blue 2011 9-5 Turbo-4 Premium with 6-Speed Manual, named Prince Charming), I have lots of opinions about Saabs. My son told me that if I “went turbo” I would never go back. Miss Scarlet, though she is not turbo, is a wonderful companion. She, like me, is a little old, and a little slow–but we do surprise the “civilians” with our verve and zippiness. She is my special car for special days. My 9-5 Turbo-4 is my daily driver, and as as real estate professional, I drive a lot! The 9-5 is super-comfy for me, though my husband really prefers his 9000 Aero for comfort. My 9-5 can get me in a lot of trouble in a real hurry! One day I was passed by another NG 9-5, and in keeping pace I was doing nearly a 100mph before I realized it. I love the power and the precise handling. When Saab announced bankruptcy, I was determined to have an example of the “last Saab”. I drove the Turbo-4 automatic, the Turbo-6 Automatic, and the manual shift. Only the manual shift offered the nimble response I expect from a Saab. They are both beautiful cars, and I love their lines. The next addition to my personal fleet will be a 9-3 Sport Combi to replace a rusty, used-up Chrysler minivan. Does anybody out there know of a nice one for sale, preferably with manual transmission?

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