A real Saab Woman

svss_A Real Saab Woman

Last week I posted an article about women and their Saabs, and within a few hours I’d received the following correspondence from Lynda, judge for yourselves, but I think she’s a real Saab woman :

As a woman, and an owner of two Saabs, (Talladega Red 1992 “S” Cabrio, named Miss Scarlet, and a Fijord Blue 2011 9-5 Turbo-4 Premium with 6-Speed Manual, named Prince Charming), I have lots of opinions about Saabs.

My son told me that if I “went turbo” I would never go back. Miss Scarlet, though she is not turbo, is a wonderful companion. She, like me, is a little old, and a little slow–but we do surprise the “civilians” with our verve and zippiness. She is my special car for special days.

My 9-5 Turbo-4 is my daily driver, and as as real estate professional, I drive a lot! The 9-5 is super-comfy for me, though my husband really prefers his 9000 Aero for comfort. My 9-5 can get me in a lot of trouble in a real hurry! One day I was passed by another NG 9-5, and in keeping pace I was doing nearly a 100mph before I realized it. I love the power and the precise handling.

When Saab announced bankruptcy, I was determined to have an example of the “last Saab”. I drove the Turbo-4 automatic, the Turbo-6 Automatic, and the manual shift. Only the manual shift offered the nimble response I expect from a Saab. They are both beautiful cars, and I love their lines.

The next addition to my personal fleet will be a 9-3 Sport Combi to replace a rusty, used-up Chrysler minivan. Does anybody out there know of a nice one for sale, preferably with manual transmission?

Lynda, thank you for sharing your Saab story and for sending in the great photo, much enjoyed and appreciated.


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