Hirsch Love, German Style

German Hirsch 9-3_1German Hirsh 9-3_2German Hirsch 9-3_3German Hirsch 9-3_4
A few days ago I received a fantastic email from H in Germany “your blog is awesome, one of the loveliest sites I have seen. I’ve spent hours on your site over the past few weeks and enjoy your pictures. There are  just two problems – time goes by all too easily and my girlfriend is not delighted, and you made me have to buy a set of Hirsch five spoke alloys”.

After further email correspondence, H happily sent me a few pictures of his gorgeous 9-3 TTiD Aero convertible with some real Hirsch attitude. Such a stunning Saab, and great photos too, thanks for sharing H.

If this is what German Saabs look like, I’d love to see more please.


One thought on “Hirsch Love, German Style

  1. I agree with everything that was said in that email, your pictures are phenomenal!!! That is a gorgeous Vert.

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