Saab 9-3 TTiD Hirsch 200bhp Sport Saloon for sale

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This is a post I never wanted to write – my 2010 Saab TTiD belongs to our company and we have a strict 3 year ownership policy, as much as I’ve tried to think of ways around it, (I even tried to persuade my wife to have it instead of her beloved SportCombi) but can’t, so with huge regret, it’s up for sale.

Any regulars to SvsS will know plenty about this Saab, it’s pretty special, if fact, almost unique. When I bought it as a demonstrator from Saab, I had an entire range of Hirsch extras factory fitted which include:

200hp Hirsch ECU upgrade
Full 4 piece front grille set

Rear boot spoiler
Stainless steel dual exhaust
Rear diffuser
Lowered springs
345mm brakes and callipers
18” five doublw spoke alloys
Sport steering wheel
Leather carbon dash
Leather carbon gear centre
Leather carbon door caps
Leather handles

I’ve kept it pretty nice, it’s been looked after by Bond Street Saab and has only covered 41,000 miles. It’s got a new MOT and has just been serviced, it has new rear vented discs and calipers, Michelin Pilot Sports all round and has just had a clay bar treatment, wax and full valet.

Regular readers will also know it had a few war wounds during the past 3 years:

Slight indent on bonnet
Sat Nav UK disc needs replacing (Sat Nav and Europe disc still work fine)
Stone chips on front bumper
Front wheels have slight kerbing

It’s an exceptional Saab, and I’m really hoping another Saabist will buy and enjoy it for many years to come, it’s amazing to drive, reliable, fast, safe and efficient – 40 – 45mpg with enthusiastic daily driving.

Cost wise, I’m really not sure, I’ll be placing it on ebay tomorrow with a sensible reserve, but wanted to post it on here first out of respect.

As you can imagine, I’m hugely sad to see this go, but don’t worry, I’m currently buying another ‘older’ Saab to compensate for the loss and to take Saab vs. Scepticism into its next chapter.

If you’re interested, feel free to ask me any questions via email, I’ll try and answer anything as honestly as I can.  Once the car sells, I only ask one thing of the proud new owner – to send me regular pictures and updates of the car so that I can continue to share the Saab love here on SvsS.

It’s up on ebay, please let’s hope it goes to someone who loves Saabs as much as I do, good luck 😦


19 thoughts on “Saab 9-3 TTiD Hirsch 200bhp Sport Saloon for sale

  1. It’s such a pity of the steering wheel on the other side, otherwise I would seriously consider. Wishing luck the Saab goes in good hands.

    • Thanks Allan, not an easy choice, especially when there really isn’t anything else on the market that comes close to this one – the blog will continue.

  2. Reblogged this on Life of a Husband and commented:
    I felt physically sick when I read this. I would give anything to own this car. It would never ever be sold again if I bought it. Its way out of my range though. I really hope a Saab ‘family’ member buys.

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  4. Would definitely buy it, if I had lived in the UK. I wonder how Hirsch exhaust sound with a diesel engine. May I ask you to do a video like I did, before you sell it?

    BTW, sorry, It’s just an ad hoc video, the car is a bit dusty, and we filmed it in a construction site 🙂

  5. That’s really nice and as I’m looking for an Aero of some sort to replace my ageing 9.3 SE my interest was picqued but it’s probably going to be out of my price range and gone before I can get the funds together. It does however lead to another question.
    In my current petrol 9.3 I’ve been doing 12,000ish miles per year, a good mix of long and short journeys on a daily basis. I have now changed jobs and will be cycling to work as it’s in a hospital and parking charges are daft. Which makes me wonder how the TTiD would take to being run for just short journeys maybe 4-5 times a week (about 11 miles round trip) and then a good blast at the weekends to enjoy the car and investment and spend the rest of the time in a garage?

    • Thanks John, hugely upset to be selling this one to be honest. It’s just gone on ebay now, and I’m desperately hoping ti will go to another good Saab home – it deserves it. In answer to your question, the TTiD has performed beautifully no matter what sort of mileage I do, owning a few Saabs, I tend to drive one for a few days and then the other again, my commute is around 30 miles per day, some open road but a lot of city driving, always exceptional and never caused any concern. MPG wise, it does around 43 for me, but my wife has been driving it recently and had it up to 52 mpg (typical).

      Good luck in fining the perfect Aero and share a few pictures when you do.

  6. A very nice car, unique spec I’m sure it will find a good home. If I had a longer commute it would be very tempting to add it to the fleet. Good luck with the sale.

    Hopefully the new owner will send you updates on it for your blog. It would be a shame for it to disappear.

    • Nice & Georgeus SAAB.

      A pity that circumstances do you let go of it.

      Good luck with the sale. The buyer will certainly be lucky.



      • Thanks MF, very sad to see it go, especially as I know I’ll never be able to have one with the same spec again – unique. Will be focusing on another Saab I’ve always loved together with out SportCombi, so not Saabless.

  7. I think you’re mad sir! Please don’t sell it, this is the best Hirsch equipped 9-3 in the UK (mine a v close 2nd!).

    Very best of luck and I sincerely hope it goes to a good enthusiast home.


  8. I never thought you’d part with this car. It’s amazing how you can get attached to a car. I’ve just let my 2003 9-3 2.0 Aero (Hirsch) go after 6 great years and 180,000 happy miles. It was a sad day. However, it has been replaced by a 2008 9-3 2.8 V6, which was Hirsch’d today…….

    So, as with a lot of Saab owners, their Saab story continues and I look forward to further fantastic posts.

    Thanks for a great blog so far.

    PS – have you tried advertising on UKSaabs? It’s free and great for ‘niche’ cars….

    • Hi Ian, if I had my way I wouldn’t, negatives of having such a strict company car policy 😦 Glad to heat you’re keeping up the Saab side with the new 2.8, seriously special 9-3s and Hirsched, wow, please send some photos, be great to share.

      The story continues big time, I really can’t live without at least 2 Saabs near me, so the search continues for an older Saab.

      Thanks for the comment Ian, nice to know people enjoy the blog. I haven’t put it on UKSaabs, interesting over on ebay, I’ve never had so many watchers on any car I’ve ever sold.

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  10. Could you not purchase from your company? I thought that was always a possibility for most company car drivers when the lease was coming to an end. But then perhaps it’s just down to how much it would cost to do such an exercise.

    It’s a shame either way. I would be gutted if I had to get rid of my TTiD. I wish I could purchase it from you but running one SAAB is expensive enough for me unfortunately. I’ve always admired your car and it certainly is unique. I hope the new owner looks after it as well as you have.

    Good luck with your search however for a replacement. I hope you get something to fill the gap, but that’s a big gap to fill!!

  11. I see the car has gone from eBay before the auction end time. Hopefully you’ve found a new owner who will love it like you do. If only I had the money 🙂

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