What’s your favourite Saab colour?

SvsS_Cosmic Blue

Without fail, this picture stops me in my tracks, a stunning 9-5 Aero saloon I owned a few years ago, it was finished in what has since become one of my favourite Saab colours – Cosmic Blue.

I don’t often see Saabs in this colour, so I thought a Cosmic Blue Archive Collection would be great. Officially I have a feeling Viggens are in Lightning Blue, but as a collection they look stunning together so we’ll ignore the slight tonal difference.

What’s your favourite Saab colour?

SvsS_Cosmic Blue 1 SvsS_Cosmic Blue 2 SvsS_Cosmic Blue 3 SvsS_Cosmic Blue 4 SvsS_Cosmic Blue 5 SvsS_Cosmic Blue 6 SvsS_Cosmic Blue 7 SvsS_Cosmic Blue 8


13 thoughts on “What’s your favourite Saab colour?

  1. I guess I’m a little conservatives on colours. I like Steel Grey. It does have a slight purple hue sometimes which is cool.

    • Nice, I’m addicted to Carbon Grey too, more understated than the Cosmic Blue, but a real go anywhere colour. I’d love to see an old 9000 Aero in a gorgeous Carbon Grey 🙂

      • 9000 aeros are black by definition but I knew someone who had a firetruck-red one. Smashing!

  2. I have always loved the look of my machines dressed in all black — it just says: all business and very professional. However, my all time SAAB favorite color is the Pearlescent Champagne White that the prototype ’84 SPGs were dressed in — They look off white in brilliant sunshine, but when the sun starts to descend they give off a gorgeous bronze hue!

    • Never heard of that one, I’ll be sure to do some searching, sounds gorgeous. You can’t go wrong with all black though, always timeless and elegant,

  3. Too many to decide from. Laser red, artic white and java metallic 9-5NG if brown is allowed! When I was younger an old couple who were family friends owned a OG 900 in a dark red/brown colour and it always looked smart and clean no idea what the colour whould have been called.

    • Great call Jonny, how could I overlook that awesome Java Metallic!!! The first and only one I saw, was at Carlisle ’14 — it was parked off by itself and it was grabbing much attention — absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Of course depending om which model and year but I’d say my top 3 are Java brown metallic, Scarabee green metallic and Imola red

  5. I think mine would have to be jet black. Every SAAB I’ve seen in this colour looks amazing. I had hoped to get a 9-3 in black but turned out I went for a grey one in the end. But what a joy it has been to own and the colour has really grown on me. It was just a slight shade off the 9-3 just sold from this site’s owner.

    Having said that I was really tempted a few years back by a nocturne blue 9-3. The body really suited that colour too.

    But the ultimate one for me has to be the sky blue that SAAB hoped to introduce for the 2012 griffin. It simply looks amazing. Judge for yourself: http://www.saabsunited.com/2012/10/introducing-sky-blue-edition-no-1.html

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