As many of you will know, my Saab Hirsch 9-3 was regrettably up for sale, and this weekend saw it set off on the next leg of its journey, to say it was heart wrenching would be an understatement.

The amount of interest the auction attracted was astounding, literally thousands of views and hundreds of emails; some genuine, others barely worth answering, but, I’m pleased to say, it’s gone to another Saab family with exemplary Saab pedigree.

They’ve owned Saabs for over 35 years including 900s, 9-3s, 9-5 Aeros and they’ve even raced a Saab 90 in rally cross. I’m genuinely happy it’s gone to such a great new home, it will surely be cherished and enjoyed for many more years to come.

I always knew it would be a difficult one to let go, it was essentially unique, Hirsch kit that just can’t be replaced and it fast became part of our family. We’re currently down to one Saab, and for any self respecting Saabists, this just doesn’t feel quite right, there always seems to be at least 2 on the drive at any given time.

The 9-3 will never be forgotten, it can never be replaced, but there are more Saabs out there to care for and enjoy, the search begins.



  1. Glad to see you had a quick sale. I note you said you are now down to one Saab did you sell the NG900.

    • Hi Peter, thank you, overwhelming interest, just proves how special Saabs are to so many people. NG900, that went too yes, a great guy purchased it as present to himself on his 60th birthday, drove off, roof down and looking exceptionally happy.

      • Had my 96 for sale earlier in the year and had a good offer on it. Thankfully decided not to sell. Had an NG900 convertible but couldn’t get the hood to work properly. Was told a few weeks ago about a nice black one with a working hood that might be for sale at the right price. Got distracted by a Volvo 240 GLT which was too rusty. Sold it on on Sunday to a guy who’s over the moon with it. Might now revisit the 900. Glad your two cars have gone to people who will appreciate them.

  2. Congratulations on your sale and kudos for finding what appears to be a great “SAAB family”. I can only imagine the sorrow of having to part with that unique indeed, Hirsch 9-3.

    • Thanks Allan, yes, really difficult to part with, only consolation is that there are plenty more Saabs to love, and I’ll enjoy finding the next. So glad it went to a great home and really do think it will be enjoyed and cherished.

  3. I’m genuinely gutted for you, I had hoped you had found a way to keep the car at the 11th hour but it turns out sadly not. But at least it seems to be off to a good home. I’m sure the owners will look after it with so many years of SAAB experience.

    I’ll look forward to reading what your new project is when you find what you’re looking for 🙂 . My intention is to hold onto my 9-3 for as long as possible. We are looking to move house next year and it’s my every day driver at the moment. But in a couple of years i’m hoping to get something else and keep the 9-3 garaged most of the time, any minor problems fixed up and kept as a car to enjoy for occasions such as going on a driving holidays, or events etc etc. All in the interests of preservation of course.

    I’ll keep my eye on your blog over the next few weeks 🙂

    • 🙂 Thanks Kev, yep, would have been great to hold on to this one especially, I won’t be able to get some of the Hirsch parts again.

      I intend to buy another SportCombi Aero for my wife and also an older 9-3 Aero Convertible for playtime.

      I have a new day to day car, which in my view is about the only viable choice I had if I didn’t want to go down the same route as everyone else. It offers refinement, exclusivity and style, not quite a Saab, but ok for everyday 🙂

  4. I understand your pain. I had my ’03 9-5 Aero for sale. Had a buyer who wanted to send me a deposit, sight unseen. Talked to my wife about it and called buyer back to cancel sale, took the car off the market. Sticky SAAB’s; just can’t seem to let them go. Still have my 9-3 Aero sportcombi too . . .

    There’s always another, but they seem to get under your skin.


    • Agree totally, the 9-3 was so unique, I’d have been happy to keep it for many years. Although I do like discovering Saabs that need a bit of love too 🙂

      Great combo of Saabs btw Steve

  5. Sad the girls gone and more of a shame that you can’t replace it with a new one…I still have no idea what will replace ours eventually….perhaps an Octavia vrs?

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