Cornish Saabs

svss_Cornish Saab 1svss_Cornish Saab 2svss_Cornish Saab 3svss_Cornish Saab 4

We’ve just returned from a hugely enjoyable week in Cornwall, only a few miles from the end of England, we’ve surfed, we’ve walked, we’ve enjoyed plenty of amazing food and wine and we’ve enjoyed the spectacular landscape that epitomises this rugged, natural part of Cornwall.

Sadly, it was the first trip in a long, long time that we’ve made not in a Saab, I found myself smiling at other Saab drivers, without reciprocation, why would they, I wasn’t in Saab. This will soon be rectified with the arrival of a new SportCombi hopefully.

Anyway, what I did notice was a plentiful supply of Cornish Saabs; old, new, cared for and abused, there seemed to be a greater proportion of them in Cornwall than I ever see in my neighbourhood, then I got to thinking, Cornwall suits Saab owners.

It’s an amazing part of the world, relaxed and friendly, it inspires and captivates you, it’s creative yet unconventional, it draws you in, and for those of us who don’t live there, it gets you coming back again and again – it just feels like home.

Sound familiar?


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