It’s HOT in here

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We’re most definitely well into the Autumn / Winter season here in England, plenty of wind, rain and frosty mornings – the perfect time to buy a Saab Convertible.

I say this based on past experience, when beautifully crisp Winter days come along, the Saab roof comes down, the heating hits max and the deep blue skies can be enjoyed, even for just the briefest on moments. It helps shorten Winter and prepares you for another Spring yet to come.

What’s not so good though is the lack of photo opps to be had, luckily, we have a fine, inner city garage at our office which has proved to be the perfect spot to photograph the HOT Aero for the first time, what’s more, the colour looks stunning in here.

It’s a 13 year old Saab, but what strikes me most is it’s timeless design, this is a car that really does look just as gorgeous now as it did back in 2001, it oozes style, the subtle changes exclusive to this model are simply stunning, the front and rear bumpers, the side skirts and boot spoiler, all in all a very HOT Saab – roll on blue skies.


6 thoughts on “It’s HOT in here

  1. Ian Callum made a masterpiece of design with this body.

    To enjoy many miles and time this perfect SAAB in every way.


  2. it also helps if your handy with a camera and steel grey is my favourite colour for this model.

    • Hum, not so good, couple of issue cropped up yesterday, nothing the folks at Abbott can’t fix, but wasn’t expecting to spend so many pennies on it for now. New TCS unit and something to do with the throttle body, both went together when my wife was driving it. Should be ready for Summer though 🙂

      • Bu**er, I feel your pain. I had an issue the first year of ownership with my 9-3. The drivers side LED went. The dealership thought it was just the resistor but turned out it was a problem with the headlight unit. The only units available at the time were the 2012 blue tint headlamps. I had to replace both sides so they would match. Lets just say it cost me a pretty penny or two. Thankfully (touch wood) so far the 2 new units have been problem free after roughly a year and a half and the SAAB itself has been reliable other than a couple of minor issues (EGR valve and cracked windscreen). I love my 9-3 and how it drives. The TTiD really suits this car for power and delivery.

        Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten I’ve promised pictures with all the mods I’ve done. Partly time, work commitments and weather have been an issue but I’m keen to get them in to you. I had hoped to have my alloys upgraded by now as well to TX alloys but I’m struggling to source any. But right now I can’t afford it anyway so i’ll probably get my original wheels refurbed as they’ve been curbed a couple of times, then take some pics. As I’m sure you can understand I want the car to look at her best!! 🙂

      • ouch, whole new headlamps, at least they look stunning 🙂 would love to see your Saab on here, when you can fit it in, go for it.

        I still love the BBS CH alloys, look so, so nice on the 9-3 too, rather expensive for a genuine set though.

        I’ll hopefully be able to afford to have the HOT Aero fixed, but upset it’s happened – first Saab I’ve owned to have any serious problems, oh well, I’ll get it all fixed.

        Cheers Kev

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