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I’ve suppressed the urge to write any posts about Saab’s future, after all it has been questionable as to whether we’d ever get to see a brand new Saab again. At this very moment, Mahindra & Mahindra are close to signing a deal that would project them to majority shareholders of Saab – but what will they be buying and why?

I was thrilled to see NEVS push a few 9-3s out of the Trollhättan factory this year, but let’s face it, it’s extremely old now, and the entire automotive industry has progressed immeasurably. As much as I still love, and own a 9-3, it could never compete in the real world of new cars, even the much anticipated Phoenix platform would be getting old before any realistic car now gets to market, so, is all hope lost for us Saabists?

Absolutely not.

I think the Saab dream is as much alive today as it ever was, in fact, no real alternative has entered it’s brand landscape and possibly never can. Saab were seen as innovators, dreamers and engineers, real people who cared passionately about the cars they created – they are emotive. Saab’s perceived exclusivity was bred out of a consumer need for individuality. This need has grown to be a more powerful motive for purchase than ever before – consumers desire different.

If Mahindra & Mahindra have vision, optimism and sustained financial stability, the Saab brand will provide them with an irreplaceable asset, one of the most powerful automotive brands to have ever been created, it comes with a loyalty that, in the past has been the envy of competitors.

If these unique qualities can be harvested and seamlessly brought together with exceptional business and commercial acumen, then Saab could again be a force to be reckoned with. We are at an automotive crossroads, all marques are having to harness new technology, be it Hydrogen, Electric or something yet to be dreamt of, the Saab brand is perfectly placed to be at the forefront of this great new world.

A brand new Saab with impeccable breeding whilst embracing the future could never be underestimated. I’m excited for the future, if Mahindra & Mahindra believe in what they’re buying, I mean truly believe, then the future could be full of endless possibility for us Saabists.


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