Badges of Honour

svss_Badges of Honour 1svss_Badges of Honour 2

When I collected the 9-3 convertible I instantly noticed that the usual iconic blue Saab badges had been replaced with rather poor quality carbon fibre ‘look’ versions, obviously very personal, but I find them visually offensive, it’s just not how a Saab should look.

On closer inspection, each and every original badge had been covered over, worse still, they’d all been glued into place. I managed to tear them off, but the surfaces had been pretty ruined by the glue, so the search was on for a replacement set.

My Christmas Wish List didn’t go unnoticed, and my lovely wife had sourced shiny new bonnet and boot badges direct from Saab Parts.

Once the cold spell has passed, I’ll get these fitted and equilibrium will be restored, badges of honour in their rightful places once again.


11 thoughts on “Badges of Honour

  1. I always use the condition of the badges as an overall guide to the condition of the car when looking at a Saab. Decaying ones tell me the owner didn’t wax the car and if they’re too cheap to spring for new ones that tells me that they don’t care about their Saab and makes me wonder what else they’ve been too cheap to do. . .

    When you put the new ones on use the dental floss technique to remove the old ones on the hood and trunk; works very well.

    Love your blog and enthusiasm. Happy New Year.


  2. I have a new one for the hood, waiting for warmer weather. I just don’t understand the “stickers”, the real ones are not that expensive.

  3. I don’t get the stickers, either – they just don’t look right. I bought a set once and they’re still in the envelope.

    Ive just picked up a bargain-price 200,000km Cosmic Blue 9-5 Wagon that needs a lot of love. The interior has been stripped, scrubbed and reinstalled. Under bonnet work is starting this weekend. But the first thing I ordered? New emblems. They really do make a huge difference!

    Once the exterior is washed, Forever Black’d and waxed, I’m sure she’ll come up beautifully – I love this part of buying old cars!

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