Best Saab Shed

svss_Best Shed 1 svss_BestShed 2 svss_BestShed 3 svss_BestShed 4 svss_BestShed 5 svss_BestShed 6 svss_BestShed

The first few weeks of 2015 have gone super fast and I realised I haven’t managed to do any new posts so far. It’s always harder during the bleak Winter months to find new things to write about and to photograph, so I thought I’d pop this one up.

For a few years now, I’ve followed a Tumblr blog called BestShed, if you’re not aware of it and love beautiful things, then you need to follow. Not only does it feature some of the most gorgeous classic cars ever manufactured including Alfa Romeos, Mercedes and Citroen but also architecture the odd gorgeous girl and some rather stunning high end stereo kit.

The relevance here, is that it also features plenty of beautiful Saabs too, mainly classic 900s, but others too, some I’ve never seen around before. A while ago, I found my Saab on there (which made me quite proud).

The blog seems to have limitless access to some of the best images I’ve ever seen – perfect for a bit of Winter inspiration.

svss on BestShed


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