Pocket Money Saabs

SvsS_Pocket Money Saab_1SvsS_Pocket Money Saab_6 SvsS_Pocket Money Saab_5 SvsS_Pocket Money Saab_4 SvsS_Pocket Money Saab_3 SvsS_Pocket Money Saab_2

We’re talking circa five hundred pounds here, less than a single Hirsch alloy wheel. Take your pick, a gorgeous 9-3 convertible for lazy Summer days, a practical 9-5 Sportwagon for throwing the mountain bikes in at the weekend, or just a super classic 9000 city sleeper.

I’ve always been intrigued by the value of older Saabs – luxury cars that someone once paid around £30k for. They may have plenty of miles under their belts, but they’ve also got plenty of life left in them. If you look carefully and buy one that’s been loved and looked after, they’ll offer years of ridiculously comfortable, reliable, safe and above all, enjoyable driving.

They’re cheap enough to have a bit of fun with too – tune, lower, paint, anything really, just use your imagination and get stuck in, there’s really not much to lose.

I haven’t added any links to the above Saabs, but they’re all currently for sale on Autotrader or EBay at around £500 – yes, really.


5 thoughts on “Pocket Money Saabs

  1. You’re absolutely right. Who does not have a good car for little money is not willing.

    Good work collection.


  2. The Wagon is a beaut!

    I’m from the UK but live in Australia, and looking back at the number of well-maintained, high-spec, available cars “back home” drives me mad! I could buy a whole car in better shape than mine for less than the price of shipping out a full set of brake pads from Neo’s!

  3. I recently upgraded to an 9-3 Aero V6 and sold on my 13 yo, 171,00 mile Se Turbo for what I paid for it 3 years ago, £360. I didn’t make any profit but had 3 years of driving a great car and sold it on to another Saab enthusiast.

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