Another Million miles in 4 months

SvsS_High Mile-2015 4SvsS_High Mile-2015 5SvsS_High Mile-2015 2SvsS_High Mile-2015 3SvsS_High Mile-2015 6SvsS_High Mile-2015 1

In the first 4 months of this year, 6 new Saabs have joined the High Mile Club and have covered a combined milage of just over 1,000,000 miles. They all happen to be Saab 9-3s; Mk I II and III, but I’m hoping to see a bit more variety – 9-5, 900, 99 and maybe a few 96 or even the odd Sonett.

The High Mile Club has become more than just proof that Saabs have the ability to rack up huge milage, it has also honoured these amazing cars. Most, if not all come with a story to tell – love, family, coincidence, sadness, lighter wallet. These Saabs are part of our lives, here to stay for a seriously long time. It’s our job to care for and look after them.

Thank you to everyone who’s joined the club so far, I can’t quite bring myself to add up the combined milage of all club members, but I imagine we’re getting on for quite a few million miles, together we’ve driven around this great earth of ours literally thousands of times – in Saabs, that’s impressive.


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