High Mile Saab Stories

svss_900i Story

Whilst the High Mile Club has steadily gained momentum and members, I’ve been amassing plenty of wonderful stories that come with these high mile Saabs, and I thought it was about time I started to share the odd one or two.

Rather than editing, I’ll share as I received them; unabridged, that way, we can all enjoy the passion felt for our high mile Saabs.

This was one of the early high mile members, a beautiful classic 900i convertible from Belgium with 261,564 Km.

I had my first Saab (green 99) in the seventies. It was a company car and I liked it very much. Later I had other jobs but no Saab anymore. One day, somewhere late nineties, my wife needed a new car and I saw this red Saab 900i convertible for sale (second hand). I told my wife, we went immediately to see our local Saab dealer and bought it on the spot. The car is a 1990 model.

My wife drove it daily until she died 2 years ago. I decided not to sell it ( I have a second car), I still drive it daily leaving my other car in the car park. It is really fun to drive this Saab, especially in warm weather with the open roof. Even my children come and use it by sunny weather.”

More high mile stories to come.


One thought on “High Mile Saab Stories

  1. Just to let you know,I still own my 93 ttid aero with all of its Hirsch bits….up to 90k now but passed its mot today with no issues and we still love it!
    I can send you some more pics of its latest adventuresome you wish Paul?

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