The Deflector of Wind

svss_Wind Deflector 1svss_93 Wind 3svss_Wind 2svss_93 Wind 4

Enjoying your Saab convertible at high speeds can be turbulent times without one of these ‘must-have’ wind deflectors, if fact, once you fit one it’s hard to think of convertible life without it.

All of my past Saab convertibles have had one, but my latest 9-3 Aero didn’t, so the search was on. I prefer the genuine Saab deflectors as they fit beautifully but are becoming rarer, luckily, I found a local Saab dealer who had one hidden in a store room. They also managed to order an original fitting kit for me too.

After the initial panic of drilling through the perfectly good rear interior panels, the fitting kit was safely installed and wind defector in place.

Out on the road, it’s difficult to explain just how much difference this simple piece of perforated material makes to the driving experience, even at (barely legal) high speeds, the turbulence is minimal, no drafts, no flapping hair, no random pieces of paper blowing up and obscuring your vision, just more Saab convertible freedom.

This is an essential piece of kit for anyone who wants to drop their roof at every given opportunity and max the pleasures of driving a Saab convertible.


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