Erik Carlsson 1929-2015

SvsS-Erik 1SvsS_Erik 2svss_Carlsson Badge 1SvsS_Carlsson Badge 2

It was today, with great sadness I learned of the loss of one of our all time motoring greats, Eric Carlsson. A legend of a man who brought excitement and determination to not only British, but global rallying; a man who inspired childhood dreams of adventures yet to come.

It could be said that Erik Carlsson singlehandedly changed the fortunes of SAAB when he won the first ever RAC Rally in a 750cc, 2 stoke, 3 cylinder SAAB 96.

His spirit has and always will live amongst us Saabists. His name proudly adorns some of our most exclusive SAABS, reminding us of an impeccable heritage and most of all, a life well lived.


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