Saab by Google Maps

SvsS_Google SaabSvsS_Google Saab 4 SvsS_Google Saab 1 SvsS_Google Saab 3 SvsS_Google Saab 2 SvsS_Google Saab 5

This is a about as addictive as spotting a gorgeous Saab on film.

You find yourself exploring a location in Google street view, somewhere you know or maybe are about to visit and you spot a Saab, distorted perspective or spliced together to make a whole, but a Saab all the same. I don’t set out to look for them, but I find myself hoping to spot one on my virtual journey.

This year we’ll be heading off to Italy and Sweden, so I’ll have my camera ready to capture a few real life Saabs from our travels and feature them on SvsS when I return – could one of them be yours?


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