Unique Daytona grey 9-3 HOT Aero convertible

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A Saab vs. Scepticism friend has very recently finished renovating his 2002 9-3 HOT Aero convertible and it’s looking pretty impressive.

Not content with merely touching up the paintwork, he’s prepped and resprayed the entire car in a gorgeous Audi Daytona Grey Pearl Metallic gracing the latest RS6s. The arial aperture has vanished and the bumpers, trim & door handles have been fully smoothed and painted.

It has a custom 8 point subframe brace with lowered and stiffened suspension and proudly sits on a set of 19” Hirsch 3 spoke alloys finished in Anthracite.

It’s always inspiring to see someone lavish so much time and effort on an older Saab, and these HOT Aeros really do deserve every single moment they receive.

Seriously nice work, thanks for sharing F.


7 thoughts on “Unique Daytona grey 9-3 HOT Aero convertible

  1. I was working on this car this morning (the usual hood shear pin doing its ‘shearing’ deal ;-)) and have managed to convince Fahad to refinish the wheels…again, going with a bright or power silver on the rim edge of the wheel this time and leaving the centers in the dark chrome finish as at present.
    It also took a couple of hits being moved around the workshop. So Fahad will be having that sorted by ‘Captain’ (his best mate and a Master Painter) in the very near future.
    We should have taken pictures of both our cars together as mine is still in its original 279 Steel Grey (the same colour Fahads was before this transformation)…just to show the huge contrast between Daytona and Steel.
    Maybe we’ll do that over the weekend if the weather stays nice.
    One other thing that seems to have been skirted over…under that DGPM bonnet is a B235r with a cheeky little Stage 3 tune 😀

    • Hi Kent, thanks for a bit more inside knowledge, feel free to send over any new photos you have, especially with yours too – mine’s a steel grey HOT Aero too 🙂

      I was keeping the under bonnet secrets, secret as requested, but it all sounded stunning 🙂

      Gorgeous work.

  2. Thanks for feedback and comments guys, and thanks for sharing Paul.

    Kent, thanks for your help this morning.. That’s another favour I owe you!!

    • Whoops, I didnt know it was a secret Paul??? Yep, B235r with new pumps and chainset. Will be awesome when the map has finished being ‘tinkered’ with…
      No favour ‘owed’ at all. I told you that this morning.
      It is about time you put this car to bed though and actually started to drive it 😉
      Then you can start on the Abbott T16s that Paul used to own. If you’re changing that colour can I throw two of SAABs best colours in BEFORE you decide on an Audi paint again…
      SAAB Espresso Black
      SAAB Amethyst Violet Pearl
      Both will work on that car AND keep it in SAAB colours 😉

      • I’ll keep that in mind mate. Went to speak to the captain last night, dropping the 9-3 off this weekend for him to tidy the bits up I want doing and also add the diamond cut lip to the hirsh’s..

        And then in a few weeks I’ll be dropping the 900 off too to make a start on its restoration. Hopefully we can do some justice to what was once clearly a beautiful motor.

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