Aero Dynamic

Aero 1svss_93 Aero

I regularly pass this section of abandoned airfield and watch as it’s slowly reclaimed by nature. The gates are normally closed and padlocked, but late last week they’d been left open – a photo opportunity never to be missed.

I know the Saab link with aviation can sometimes seem rather stretched, but sitting on this airfield, the 9-3 Aero clad in its stylish steel grey paintwork really does remind me of a beautifully crafted plane.

The smooth, subtly aggressive Aero bodykit designed by Ian Callum, the propellor like three spoke double alloys, and the peerless profile of the convertible all contribute to this being a timeless and iconic Saab.

Driving away as if on cue, the sky filled with the sound of a passing jet, Saabs have an impeccable heritage, it’s nice the remember that sometimes.


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