Saab – Is it catching?


What have I done? I received this great email from M today, and it seems the blog has yet again persuaded someone else to make the leap of faith into the world of Saab ownership. I won’t rewrite his email, but publish it unabridged:

“Inspired by your excellent blog and needing to find a car that blended economy, performance and a bit of exclusivity, I purchased my 9-3 Aero TTID earlier this year. It has been steadily improved and upgraded since then with a few Hirsch goodies added for good measure.

I have been to many Pistonheads Sunday Services before, but this was the first time in the Saab. Whilst it’s fair to say that it’s not going to attract hundreds of photographers, we’ll leave that to the supercars and rare classics (of which there were plenty). However, it was nice to see that many people turned their heads towards it when walking by. There is something just right about it’s proportions that always seemed to attract a second glance. Only two other Saab’s were there – a 9-5 Aero and a 900 turbo from Lithuania (which ventured out on track). The 9-3 was certainly not the most expensive car there, nor the fastest or most desirable – but it was the rarest. There were more McLaren’s and Ferrari’s than Saab’s.

Anyway, I have been meaning to send you an email for a while as you are entirely responsible for my Saab obsession.”

Huge thanks M for getting in touch, I truly hope you continue to love your gorgeous 9-3, and that this is just the beginning of your Saab affair.



2 thoughts on “Saab – Is it catching?

  1. Thanks for posting my photos and comments. As I have said before, my Saab ownership is all down to you! Now, where do I get a set of those Hirsch alloys…?

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