Saab highlife in the highlands

svss_Scottish 9000-Exterior.jpgsvss_Scottish 9000-Interior.jpgsvss_Scottish 9000-Leather.jpg

The 9000 Aero was the car that first got me interested in Saabs, but at the time I just couldn’t afford one, so settled for a rather slow 9000S. Since then, I’ve owned 15 Saabs but never another 9000 – possibly one of the many reasons why I have such a fondness for them now, so couldn’t resist featuring this gorgeous 9000 CSE.

It was sent in to join the High Mile Club, but as the owner very kindly attached a few great images, I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s a 1997 CSE Anniversary and has only covered 164,000 miles, “she’s running great and currently loving touring Scotland in her, it has to be the comfiest car I have ever owned”.

I’d also forgotten about the genuine ‘Fine Scottish Leather’ tags attached to the wonderful headrests, such a nice detail.

Thanks for sharing D, here’s to many more road trips and adventures in your 9000.


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