Saab vs Scepticism. It’s Official

svss_its official

The site now has a proper domain –

I began this journey back in 2012 when a lot of folks thought I was either stupid, eccentric, crazy or all of the above. I’d chosen to buy one of the last remaining, brand new 9-3 TTiDs around, not only that, I then proceeded to kit it out with almost the entire Hirsch product range – to me, this was possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I wanted to show all the Saab sceptics out there just how special these cars are, so I started this site.

After 4 years I’m still passionate about Saabs and the site has thrived despite out world changing around us. I no longer have the Hirsch 9-3, but have owned another 4 since, currently a 9-3X TTiD and a 9-3 HOT Aero convertible, my passion for not only Saab but also what they stand for isn’t fading, so I thought it was about time to make it official – I registered a proper domain.

It seems the site has not only been of interest to others, but inspired and persuaded some to invest in Saabs too, I count at least 10 so far which makes me a bit proud. I don’t, and never will class the site as anything special, but here are just a few figures notched up over the last 4 years:

114 countries
245 posts
100 High Mile Club Saabs
1,000 images

Not bad for a marque people are so sceptical about is it?


6 thoughts on “Saab vs Scepticism. It’s Official

  1. I stumbled upon this site a few years ago, right about the same time that all of the uncertainty around our beloved brand was going on and the infighting and bickering ruined my once “go to” SAAB website.

    SAAB vs. Scepticism was and still is “breath of fresh air”. Simply put: the absolute best SAAB art/photography on the Web, period!!!

    Great job and keep up the outstanding work!!!

  2. Like Allan (above) I also stumbled upon SAAB vs Scepticism several years ago via a link to the High Mile Club (what a great initiative!) I really enjoy visiting from time to time for the wonderful images of SAABs new and old, and a more relaxed a reflective tone than some of the other SAAB sites around. Keep up ;the good work.

  3. Congratulations.

    “SAAB Vs Scepticism” certainly has become a reference web in SAAB world. Released their contents and superb photographs make reading a pleasure.

    A well continue for long.


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