Black Heart

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Just as I was walking out of the office today, this completely black Saab 9-3 convertible drove by and parked outside our local magistrate’s court, I couldn’t resist asking the owner if I could grab a few photos to share.

When I say all black, I mean quite literally black – lights, wheels, trim and Saab badges have all been sprayed in matt black, the windows have even been dark tinted, it’s black. The only colour comes from the red callipers and red seatbelt shoulder pads, nothing else.

I’m always interested in Saabs like this, love it or loathe it, it’s another Saab being maintained and kept on the road (although it showed signs of neglect), and very possibly reflects the owner’s personality exceptionally well!


2 thoughts on “Black Heart

  1. Doesn’t work for me Paul. Cars should be shiny…the trend of going matte just offends me lol
    It looks like they can’t be bothered to clean and polish them.
    When I see it on Lambo’s and Bentleys it makes me shudder. Such an expensive car and the owner (in my view) has such poor taste.
    It was a shame to see your 9-3 on eBay this last week…I wish I’d had the sale price as spare cash as I’d have had it myself.

  2. That’s a strange one. But since I see these 9-3 NG ‘verts in such poor shape, it’s nice to see that this car is ‘liked’ by the owner, even if they’re not too concerned about its upkeep. The shark fin washers are an interesting touch and I suppose, if nothing else, the car is ‘striking’. However, I wouldn’t be able to stand beside it for more than one minute without fitting a new rear lens and ripping off the steering wheel cover..!

    Any of you guys driven / owned a NG convertible? There are a few coming up where I live quite reasonably priced, and it would be interesting to compare it with my OG ‘vert, which I’m keeping forever. I sat into one and thought the rear visibility seemed better (which wouldn’t be hard). I like the position of the seatbelt, BMW 850-ish, and that the car is safe. I don’t like the GM engine and its affinity for oil leaks and I’m not a huge fan of the styling.

    Any thoughts or comparisons between the OG / NG much appreciated!

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