Saab Swap

So, rather than me continuing my search for a new Saab on EBay / Autotrader / Gumtree / ClassicCarsForSale etc, I had an idea, why not see if another Saabist wants a swap.

What I’m after is a 9000 Aero, manual, well looked after and with a sunroof if possible, can be a bit stanced and tuned although that’s also what I’d like to do when I find the right one. Needs to be lower than 200,000 miles and have a decent service history, any colour except red or white would suit fine, but Sabre Green, Black or Dark Grey perfect, oh and have Aero / super Aero alloys or something a bit different.

What would you get in return?  A very lovely, fast, reliable 9-3 HOT Aero convertible that’s been lavished with goodies for the past couple of years. Running at around 280+ hp, (think Viggen, but better). Lowered with a Bilstein / Maptun setup, new Bridgestone Potanza all round, stainless steel exhaust, new turbo, clutch…the list goes on.

I was planning to pop it on EBay at around £3,000, so that’s the kind of 9000 Aero value I’d be after.

Anyone got itchy Saab feet?  Inbox open


This for this

Saabotage 7


6 thoughts on “Saab Swap

  1. Your car at anything under £3000 is a great deal..! If I was in the UK, I’d snap your arm off. What’s the mileage on it as a matter of interest?

    • £3k sounded about right to me too, although i’ve spent nearly £5k on it over the last year or so. Only got 105,000 miles, obviously complete 9000 2.3 bottom end and full rebuild somehow renders that useless now 😉

  2. Lovely 9-3, I’m looking for one so if you’re interested in selling check your inbox 🙂

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