Obsession in Print

Loving Saabs is just the tip of the iceberg for me when it comes to an obsession, I find my passion for cars is all encompassing, yes the collecting, renovating, sourcing and driving of them is the primary desire, but being ever inspired by other folk’s car obsessions and projects is just as endearing. Recently us petrolheads have been given a series of exceptional printed car ‘porn’  to feed the passion that I just couldn’t resist sharing, not specifically Saab, but if you love cars as much as I do, they really are ‘must have’s.

A recent road trip to the wonderful Caffeine & Machine gathering space led to the discovery of the utterly beautiful Private Motor Club magazine which we avidly flicked through over a succulent handmade burger and ice cold beer. Bentley to Bugatti, classic Japanese street racers to the wonderful new Alpine and now on its sixth issue, Private Motor Club is an exceptionally elegant piece of print that warrants its very own bookcase space in any petrolhead’s library.

Secondly, The Road Rat, with a self confessed petrolhead philosophy, ‘A Thing for Cars’ which doesn’t disappoint. Immaculately curated spreads, beautiful photography, minimal fuss and even a stunning commissioned portrait of Lewis Hamilton on the first issue - it is a truly indulgent collection of stories dedicated to the love of cars.

Far from being dead, print has taken up the gauntlet of creating beautifully tactile inspiration that enhances my obsession - what will the next project be, the next change, the next road trip… We jumped in the Saab and headed off on a 100 mile journey to Calke Abby in Derbyshire, the perfect backdrop for an opportune photo of a timeless car.